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Aprons full of happiness, anger, sorrow and joy
Eastern-style painter Ro Shin-Kyoung

Eastern-style painting artist Ro Shin-Kyoung builds her unique art world by numerous pieces of cloth and skeins of thread. Eastern-style painting generally means paintings with black ink on the rice paper; however, recent Korean paintings go further than such traditional framework. The apron artworks of Ro Shin-Kyoung reflect such trend. While linking multiple patchworks, she thought of the apron, which is the common language of all women. The aprons of Ro Shin-Kyoung have different material, size and shape. Looking at them gives a feeling that one is peeping into her private life. She completed the aprons a stitch by stitch for three months like fixing stars in the night sky. It has been like a series of ritual that contains the pieces of memory in the aprons. Ro Shin-Kyoung poured her happiness, anger, sorrow and joy on the aprons for quite a long time. For her, the apron is the life itself.



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